Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Chick Season

Last week "Uncle Frank" called me and asked if we'd like 11 baby chicks that were just born (with their mama, it was a package deal) - we had been talking about it for a few weeks and I learned at work that it's chick season so it was perfect.  We built a coop and he brought over the babies, their mama, and two other hens.  Jack has been busy checking on them every day and soon he'll learn how to feed and care for them.  In addition, once we finish the larger coop, he'll be responsible for collecting eggs every day.  He actually can't wait to collect the first egg and said he is ready to eat it!

Jodi came over this weekend and she took pictures of him with one of the babies...the pictures were great and I thought it appropriate to post a few...

We think often of Cash and it's difficult sometimes because Kingston looks so much like him - but God continues to give us grace and peace and Jack Jr speaks of Cash just like he is: Alive and in Heaven!  It's a tremendous blessing to know Cash is in heaven and he could very well be feeding baby chicks there - it is, of course, chick season...:-)

Thank you for your continued prayers - every day we receive cards in the mail and there are amazing words of encouragement that help us just at the right moment.


  1. I still love coming and reading your updates... And I still cry every time! I just love your sweet little family! Please continue to post and please know that I still think of Cash often and say a prayer for all of you.

    Much love,

  2. Thanks for the update Jack -- what a sweet picture of Kingstom. So innocent just like the baby chick. You will love collecting eggs -- we did that as children and I still remember it well. Much love and prayers to you always -- Give everyone a hug and tell your Mom and Dad hi as well. Love you much -- Michael, Kat and RoxAnn

  3. I just love these pictures of Kingsten with the baby chick. So many great expressions on his face. Great story too, about "chick season."

    Debi VM