Saturday, December 18, 2010

Settling In

I am terribly sorry I haven't blogged since Hawaii. Since we've returned, it's been a time for unpacking from the move, settling in, and getting into a new rhythm. It's great to be back in Lynden - I drove to 'town' for the first time in almost 17 years with Jack Jr. yesterday...:-)

Earlier this week we went to a small, unmarked tree farm and cut down a much bigger tree than we've ever had in the past. We didn't end up with the tree in this pic, at the last minute Jack and I picked a bigger one that took forever to cut down...

We already appreciate the extra help we've received since moving.  Both my parents and Wendi's parents have been amazing since we moved - they frequently stop by and take Jack Jr places, watch the kids so we can continue to unpack, cook, clean, etc...Julie D stops by with food and took Jack on a field trip with her kids last week.  (Jack Jr. really loves it here - today he took his 4-wheeler and drove to Avo's house to watch cartoons (our cable isn't in yet)).

Since returning from Hawaii, Cash hasn't really improved.  His mental facilities are all there and can tell us the names of everything in his books; it's just his physical abilities seem to have declined the past 3 weeks.  We hope it's still the effects of the croup but it's become increasingly difficult to watch him try to crawl and do the things he used to do.  You can see him thinking about what he wants to do, it's just his body won't let him.  Please pray that he regain some of his balance and movement as we continue to move forward.  He has a beautiful smile and if you ask him to show you his teeth, you get the picture below, usually followed by a 'smoochy' face...:-)

It's during the more difficult times watching Cash that we have to trust that much more in God.  We know that He created and knew Cash well before he was born and He has a plan for Cash.  We know Cash will be healed, whether that is here or in Heaven we don't know.  God did not give Cash cancer, but, "...we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)


  1. Thank you, Jack, for your post. God does indeed work all things for good for those who love Him. Your trust in His perfect will (whether that be what WE think is best, or not) is a testimony and encouragement to me and all who read this blog. We continue to pray for you all.

    Wendy Tamminga

  2. Dear jack and Wendi,

    I am sorry to hear of Cash's continuing physical decline, and humbled and amazed by your strength and faith. I hold Cash and your family close in my heart and prayers.

    With love, Liz Tennant

  3. Wendi and Jack, I am so glad you guys had a good time in Hawaii and are settling in well to your new home. But I am sorry to hear that Cash is not doing as well with his mobility.

    I think of you all often and keep the hope that this course of treatment will work. **hugs**

  4. God grant peace and love to your family! Love you and pray daily for CASH! I'd love to hold him and give him kisses, but you'll have to do that for me. I wish I were closer to do it myself, but................
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel

  5. Jack and Wendi ---

    Thanks for your honesty, both in what's happening and how you feel in the midst. And thanks for your persistent hope and faith. Your witness of God's goodness and faithfulness is a powerful encouragement.

    May I have your mailing address? Your friends/family in University Communications would like to send you a Christmas card/gift. Many thanks and blessings on this time of year!

    --- Reece Carson (reece.carson @