Friday, December 3, 2010

Aloha from Maui

For our facebook friends, you already know we are in paradise, a.k.a. Maui.  We flew in on Wednesday and we've been very busy playing so I've been unable to blog until this's the amazing back story as to how we ended up in Maui...

We were looking for opportunities to enjoy our time with Cash.  A good friend of ours, Sarah Jio, sent an email to a group of her friends inquiring about potential opportunities for us to spend quality time with Cash, outside of home.  A friend of hers responded (who also happened to be one of my teachers' good friends, small world) and indicated she knows of a family with a house in Hawaii that we may be able to stay at...We were given the email address and for about two months have been trying to set a date.  Originally we were going come here in early November, but Cash had his hickman removed and started the low-dose chemo so we needed to stay close to home.

We finally decided early December was going to work perfect, and the family, Bryce & Beebe, offered up their house(es) on the beach in Kehei.  (Their website is - please visit and if anyone wants an amazing house in Hawaii, this is it).  The planning soon involved my parents, brothers, and their families and it was settled - we would all travel to Hawaii!  Everyone has arrived as of this afternoon and it's shaping up to be a wonderful week.  We arrived at the house to beautiful cards written by Bryce & Beebe's grandkids for Cash - it included some of their allowance money so Cash could go and get donuts...:-)

Instead of continuing to hear me blab on and on about how it's going - here are a few pictures and a great video of Cash here in Kihei.  We love the warm weather and the house is right on the beach so we spend all day outside with the kids playing and playing...

First the video (of course Jack Jr is at it again making him laugh)...

Here are a bunch of pics...

(Swimming at Ilua Beach Park)

(Kayaking with Uncle Jeremy)

(Playing with Mimi (Megan))


(Headed back to the house from the beach)

We cannot thank Bryce and Beebe enough for giving us the opportunity to spend time with Cash here in Kihei.  The house is beautiful - perfect really.  The time we have already spent with Cash has been truly amazing and the memories will last long after we've left Hawaii.  Thank you thank you Sarah for putting the request out there and for searching for amazing opportunities for us to spend time with Cash (she also set up Great Wolf Lodge for us)...We are blessed to have great friends and are thankful to God for opening the doors for us to have this time in Hawaii at no cost to our absolute blessing for which there are no words...

There are so many more pictures already but they're on everyone else's cameras so I'll blog more when I have the opportunity.  Until then thank you for your continued prayers - Cash is doing ok - he's fatigued much quicker than usual lately but we're still holding out hope for a miracle and pray that God continue to heal him.  Have a blessed weekend!  Aloha and Mahalo!


  1. It's so wonderful to see these pictures, guys! I'm so happy that you're enjoying the trip. I totally bawled my eyes out seeing Cash giggling at Jack in that video--so precious. And I love that he's enjoying the crawl from the beach to the house. Adorable! Thinking of you and glad you have warm weather. It's icy here this morning! Lots of love, Sarah xoxo

  2. Aloha! The video and pics are great. I love how Cash laughs so hard, it's almost like he's crying. Jack is an awesome big brother. Enjoy your time in paradise.

  3. So glad all the family get's to be together- what a fun Christmas present! Continue to enjoy every minute of it, and thank you for sharing your stories of love and laughter with us- it is truly remarkable to watch your family through this journey. Bring us back some warm sunshine!

  4. oh, I've been waiting to see pictures! Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine the love and laughter and peace you must be feeling right now as a family. And as always, the kids and I love the Cash video! Precious.
    We're so happy for you all!
    Love, the VanKootens

  5. Love,love the pictures!!!! You've been so blessed!
    Enjoy every precous moment!!
    Praying for miracle and safe travels.
    Love you all,
    Tia Margie

  6. What great pictures and I loved the video of precious Cash!!I love you all and I pray that you will have a WONDERFUL time as a family. Love and hugs to everyone...blessings to you!
    Leanne B.

  7. What an infectious laugh!! It has brightened up my Monday morning.

    So glad that you all get such a great getaway together. You all deserve it so much.

  8. Love his laugh and so happy that you can all make these wonderful memories together as a family in Hawaii! Blessings to you all!!
    Amy DeMeyer

  9. He is precious!!! I am so happy to see Cash laugh like that. Jack Jr. is such a blessing to have. He loves his little brother. I love seeing the bond between those two. We pray for you daily. We love you guys.

    Aaron and Missy