Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year (Almost)

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoying the time with you families.  It was a nice change to not have to drive 2 hours for our Christmas parties - the furthest we drove was to my in-laws home which is about 4 miles away...:-)

The weather hasn't been very conducive for playing outside so we've spent much of the past week inside doing whatever we can to keep Cash busy, comfortable, and happy.  I was quite worried earlier this week as it had been over 3 weeks since his bout with croup and we had seen no improvement.  We started him on antibiotics again to prevent pneumonia and this morning we started giving him steroids again to reduce the inflammation in his chest.  He has had coughing bouts that he has a hard time stopping and hopefully the steroids will give him a break.

Today was definitely the best we've seen him in the past 3+ weeks.  He was more alert, played independently today, and talked a bit more.  Our prayer is that he's at the end of this battle with croup and that he improves to the pre-croup Cash.  Mind you, we still know what he's up against and a nurse at Children's commented that it is by the power of prayer that Cash is still with us today - we do believe that and continue to thank God for each day we have.

Here are a few pics of the boys playing can see the great new 'playground' so-to-speak and all of the boys love it and when any other kids come to visit they all have a great time...

Have a blessed and safe New Year and thank you for your support this year - it has definitely been the most difficult year of our lives but God continues to give us what we need to get through each day.  We are thankful for each day and continue to give Him the glory and praise!


  1. What a blessing to be so much closer to your families! Our hope for the new year is that God continues to lift you up, hold you up, and provide the necessary healing and peace. We love all of you and pray continually for you!!
    Jim, Leanne, Jack and Sam

  2. What a blessing little Cash is! Such a precious boy. I pray for him and your entire family continually :). May God shower His eternal grace upon you in this new year! P.S. All of your boys are just too cute!!! I really enjoy the pics you post. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. I love you brother jack, and I miss you.

  4. Hi, Brother Jack,
    I just wanted to know how you're doing.

  5. Happy New Year! I just wanted to say that everyone in Houston loves and misses you all! I love checking into this blog. Seeing the boys growing big and strong makes my heart smile. I am praying God's best for the new year. Your family deserves all the best!