Monday, November 22, 2010

A Walking Video (and Snow Pics)

This past week Wendi took the boys to Spartan, a gym nearby that opens up the floor for the kids to play each morning. It's the perfect place for Cash to use his walker and she shot this video (you can see it in HD) - It's amazing to see him speeding around (and running into kids, watch out!!!)...:-)

The snow started yesterday and while Cash didn't much care to be outside in it, the boys sat by the window today and watched it fall...I had to post these pics - we had a great day!

Prayer requests: Our good friend Coleson has an MRI tomorrow so please be in prayer for a good report.  Also keep praying for Jensen - we continue to trust God for His healing power!

Have a blessed day!!!

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  1. Hi Jack -- hope you guys are well -- love the demo walker -- sign him up for NASCAR! Good to see him up and around -- it's awesome. Have a blessed Thanksgiving -- hope you and your family are adjusting to being up with the cold :) Love you guys much -- Kat, Michael and RoxAnn