Monday, November 8, 2010

An Open Door

After 17 years in Seattle, the Lord has opened the door for our family to return to Lynden, the community in which both Wendi and I were raised. We are very thankful and have been praying since Cash's diagnosis that we would have the opportunity to live closer to both of our families and God has answered our prayers. It is amazing how God works, orchestrating events that at the time we may be unaware of the impact, but the end result is an amazing opportunity.

Back in the summer, we were crabbing (on the Portuguese Crab Hunter) with my dad and Karl (the GM at Cargill) and I mentioned to Karl that our desire was to live closer to our family. At this point Cash was 6 months into his diagnosis and we needed so much support and while we had great support in Seattle, many of our family were driving from Lynden multiple times per week to help us out. I didn't think about that brief conversation until a few months ago when Karl called me and said he may have an opportunity for me at Cargill.

Last month I applied and interviewed for a position at Cargill's regional headquarters, located in Ferndale. This morning it became official and I will start working there on January 3, 2011. My dad has worked there for 15+ years and Roger, who drove Wendi and Kingston to Houston in June with his wife, Joanne, has worked there for 29 years.

We are very excited and at the same time sad to leave our "family" here in Seattle. We have formed true and lasting relationships here but I know that they will continue, the distance only being a short drive or phone call away.

There is no way in one blog post that I can express how thankful I am for Zion - I would not be who I am today if it were not for my 9+ years teaching there. The faculty, students, parents, and experiences there will leave a lasting impact on my life and in my heart. I am truly thankful for their support and after Cash got sick I was able to take months off in order to take care of him and through it all the Zion community has been there for us. I want to thank Bro. Doug and Sis. Christine for always being there when I needed help and advice and for mentoring me and helping me grow as a man of God. I would also be remiss if I didn't thank Bro. Gordy - his amazing food and friendship at Zion made the 9 years full of excitement and fun. I will continue to support Zion from afar and will pray every day that God continue to bless Zion and the 28 years it has served the urban community in Seattle.

Wendi will continue to work in Seattle two days a week. The commute will be long but she has a great job with and her boss and coworkers are very supportive. Cash still has a long road ahead of him and he will still have appointments at Children's so we'll be commuting to Seattle like many of the families from Lynden (the Brink's are an amazing example, driving to Children's 4 times a week, sometimes more).

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. Cash started another round of low-dose chemo and had another methotrexate injection this morning. We continue to pray that God heal him and we lift Cash up to Him in our prayers every moment of the day.

We know that with God all things are possible and it is appropriate that this month, when we celebrate Thanksgiving, that we give Thanks to Him for His love, grace, mercy, and His healing power. We are filled with thankfulness and excited that our boys will have the opportunity to grow up with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Thank you God for opening doors!


  1. GREAT NEWS! When will you be going?
    Love you all and miss you!

  2. Wonderful news!!!!
    The support of your family has been so strong and being near so many relatives will even be better!!!
    GOD has answered many of our prayers!!!
    Love you all!
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel

  3. WOW what great will be a great addition to the Cargill team...we absolutely love Roger & Joanne they are wonderful people of God :)

  4. That's GREAT!!!God is so good. Your family here in the CENTRAL VALLEY have been praying for you and your family, and that God's will be done. Good luck with the new job, moving, and safe traveling to Wendi. Hug and kiss your boys for us.
    Love, Cousin Shirley

  5. We rejoice with you over God's goodness and grace. You continue in our thoughts and prayers. May God give you eyes to see the glory of His grace in the most ordinary places and most ordinary moments. And welcome home.

    With you in His service for His glory,
    Robert Woodyard

  6. Congrats! We thank God for His answer to prayer! May He continue to guide your path as you begin a new job, and for your move back to Lynden and family. We know (too well) how hard it will be to say your "good-byes" to the "family" you have made in Seattle...but how more blessed you are to have them in your life!! :)
    Love You Guys,
    Diana-Henry and family