Sunday, November 14, 2010

Therapy Intake

This past Wednesday, Cash had his first appointment with Wonderland Development Center, an organization that provides all types of therapies to children. Two therapists came and spent a little over an hour with Cash, 'testing' him on all sorts of abilities (speech, cognitive, movement, etc.).

The moment they arrived, Cash immediately took to them and Wendi and I stayed in the background as they had him stack blocks, identify words out of a book, and much more. We were pleasantly surprised at the results. Obviously his most significant deficit is physically (walking, dexterity with right hand) - he scored around the 11 month mark. That wasn't shocking since he's not walking, however, we continue to believe with continued therapy he will walk again.

Cognitively he's not that far behind developmentally. In speech and communication he scored in the 18-22 month range. For a child with a brain tumor, he's doing very well and continuing to make good progress.

With our impending move, we will be working with the center to transfer services from Seattle to Bellingham and most likely will have therapists come to our house one to two times per week to work with Cash. They were very pleased with how well he did and encouraged us to keep working with him. I think the best form of therapy he's received is in the form of his older brother. Jack keeps him going all day and plays legos, ball, coloring, cars - you name it and Jack and Cash play it.

Cash finished one of his chemo's already (the 5 day one). He has 6 more days of the other chemo and then we'll be done for another 3 weeks. We continue to hold out hope for his healing and are always thankful to God for each day.

This is my last week at Zion after 9+ years...It will definitely be an emotional week but I'm so thankful to God for the time I've spent there and we are looking forward to the next season.

Thank you as always for your prayers and support - for our family and friends in Lynden, we'll be seeing you all much more in about a month!


  1. God has a plan!! And, it's working with your family! Little Jack was meant to be with you and your family!!! God must have seen that in His plan!!!
    Love you so much,
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel

  2. Wow -- hard to believe it's been 9+ years -- I'm so thankful you were there Jack -- my son still remembers his first TA - :) And to think he'll be off to college soon. Thanks for always being there and for loving my kids the way you do. Love you and so happy that Cash and you guys are doing good -- will miss you dearly down here :) Kat, Michael and RoxAnn

  3. We worked with Wonderland in Zoe's first year--they were wonderful to work with. The people there are great and very dedicated.