Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Great Weekend and an Upcoming Walk Video

All I can say is thank you to God for a wonderful weekend!  Cash has been doing very well and we are simply celebrating each day we have together.  Jack Jr. and Cash are best friends and Cash couldn't have asked for a better older brother - he plays with him all day and despite the occasional fight over a toy (or the iPad), they get along very well.

I received an email today from Mike & Wendy, the brains behind the Cash of Hope team for the upcoming Run of Hope Seattle - Wendy's sister and her husband, Jenny and Kyle, put together a beautiful video of Cash for the run.  We are almost at 70 strong for the team and Mike and I talked this evening and we're now setting our sights on 100 people on Cash's team and we want the video to go viral so more people are made aware of cancer in our young children so send it out to everyone you know! (The direct link to the video is  The monies raised all go towards brain tumor research and I continue to pray that other children diagnosed after Cash will benefit from this valuable research...

Wendi got all the kids dressed up for church today - we no longer have to worry about his counts being too low to go out so it was very nice to be at church and we caught up with friends who have been reading the blog from afar and continue to pray every day.  (There's even a gentlemen at church who makes knives and he made one with ACoH on it - I can't wait to see it!)

This week please pray that as we start the oral, low-dose chemo's that Cash takes them in ok and doesn't get too addition, please pray that as we prepare Cash for the gamma knife treatment on the 21st that everything will go well in pre-meetings with the doctors.  It will be a busy week of appointments but we continue to trust that these treatment options will be the best for Cash in order to maintain and/or shrink these tumors.

Thank you as always for your support and prayers!!!


  1. i just registered to walk today. thinking good thoughts for all of you everyday! cash is blessed to have such a loving family around him!

  2. Amen and done. Thanks Jack for continuing to keep us updated and to let us know He is answering our prayers for you and your family. Love you so much.
    Kat, Michael, RoxAnn

  3. Oh my goodness this video brought tears to my both are amazing parents & have an amazing family. The love you both show to Cash, Jack Jr & Kingston through pictures only gives us a glimpse of what type of parents you both are. WOW - you both amaze us!! Prayers & best wishes!!

  4. Thank you!! for putting the video on the blog. I couldn't figure out how to send it to the kids and now they can see it. It is so beautiful.
    Love you all soo much---hugs and prayers!

  5. I am Olive Hope's Nana, Carolyn Miller and this video made me grieve even more for Olive. But at the same time, Cash gave me fresh hope that kids like Olive can have a good life on earth. Thanks for the video.

  6. Hello Everyone! This video is awesome. I cried the whole way through! Just wanted to send you lots of love and hugs from Houston! With all the kids we treat, it's hard for me to comment often on everyone's blog. We are working even longer hours now, while short of staff. We miss you all so much at the PTC! I pray for you all daily. Your family is so dear to me. I appreciate this blog more than you know. Thanks for all of the updates! Please give Cash, Jack Jr. & Kingston a big squeeze from the radiation team in Houston.